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"I'm going to prescribe you something for your pain and get you started on an antibiotic right away, Mrs. Smith."

"I've got orders for Dilaudid 1mg IV q4 hr prn pain and Vancomycin per the pharmacy protocol. Can you get those in STAT? I'll need a Vanco consult, too."

Hospital Pharmacist:
"I'm in the middle of a chemo prep. But I've already alerted Cardinal Health remote pharmacy to watch our order queue. I can give them a call now if you'd like."

"No, they're already on the other line clarifying the weight and renal function. We're in good shape, thanks."

Remote Pharmacy Service Center Pharmacist:

"We'll continue monitoring your order queue to assist your on-site pharmacy team. We're here to help in any way we can."

Hospital Administrator:
"It's wonderful knowing that our patients' orders are clinically reviewed and processed efficiently. The remote order entry team has proven to be an integral part of our pharmacy."

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